Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tentang unlucky day

Dah nak habis ramadhan baru nak bersuara? Pahtu tetiba bersuara secara live dari bumi kangaroo? Adoyai.. So much has happened since i last wrote but tonight i just need to get this out of my chest. I shall merapu about why, how, what, when did we arrive in bumi kangaroo at some other time ok?
Today the last day in the month of July 2013, bersamaan dgn 22 ramadhan 1434H adalah hari yg sgt menyedihkan..
Kisah 1
i received the news that our boy Joey has been adopted. JJ said that i should be prepared for today.. I tot i have.. I mean i said goodbye to him in Penang, gave him a big hug n kiss before we left and he had looked at me sadly, as if he knows that that will be the last time he'll ever see me..
I havent shed any tear since leaving malaysia just over two weeks ago, but receiving the news about joey released the waterworks. JJ said we have done the right thing, at least joey is in a good home not outside on the road being a stray facing a bleak future. At least joey will be safe, he shall have enough to eat., we pledged to send a big bag of kibbles to his carer every so often., and he will be loved.. And most importantly i will be able to see him whenever i go back to SP/penang..
Joey, u dont know how much it hurts your father and i to let you go.., mommy wished that our circumstances are different but maybe this is the best for you son.. Just know in your heart that we will always love you and to us, you're still our boy.. Till we meet you again.. We love you so much Joey 'Jojonut' Marurai..

Kisah 2
Went to dick smith to purchase an adapter for the ipad+ipod. The price was around $30.. Went to target and saw this big box of 15-piece ipod accessories for only $17 down from $69.99. Wow! This is a good bargain.. Sila rujuk pada gambar

Rugi woo kalau xbeli!! Tanya budak tu wall plug ni buleh charge ipad tak, dia kata boleh so sepantas kilat i grabbed this box. Sampai kat kaunter this item turn out to be only $13!! Yay! I snatched a bargain!! Sgt excited sampai rumah cuba nak charge ipad tapi nyewest!! Dia kata "not charging".. Adoyai hangin suda satu badan.. Takper takper.. Esok haku nak pi target tukar ambik adapter apple original pulak.. Deng!!
Kisah 3
3 hari yg lalu, travelling henbeg kesayangan i hampir nak putus talinya., kebetulan kejadian berlaku di depan op-shop (kedai juai brg2 terpakai - 2nd hand) maka terusla masuk dan terusla capai henbeg yg berharga $4. I beli sebab takut beg putus xdan sampai umah plus all my other handbags are in the ship., belum sampai lagi. Genap 3 hari usia bag 2nd-hand-baru i, tali dia snap! Putus!! Deng!!!

Pengajaran dari kisah 2 & 3
Sila jangan kedekut sangat.. Bila beli barang yg terlalu murah, mohon jangan expect too much from it!
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